10 Best Education Niche Affiliate Networks for Publishers 2020

For the right affiliate platform, you can extremely crucial to manage with any kind of content. The ad tech ecosystem makes a steady growth with no network catering to the needs of the publishers. There is a broad list of ad networks which has been serving best to fulfill the demands of niches or for general purpose. There are large ad networks which typically works with thousands of different publishers. Indeed there are a lot of factors which one needs to consider for taking into account. The source can be testing a new network that requires an investment of both time and money. The important one is figuring out which ad networks would build the best of business. 

10 best educational affiliate networks


This is the first international affiliate program designed for educational traffic monetization. The one offers amazing opportunities to earn educational traffic globally with better CPA and revenue shares. The following offers with several targeted offers and a wide GEO. There are different tools that are used for analytics that brings on tables with incomes, orders, transfers, and applications. Other than that, it also brings on a detailed list of orders, graphs, and postbacks, unique promotional materials with referral links, banners, buttons, and widgets landing pages, list of keywords, order forms, pop-ups, and separation over streams. 

View does

This is one of the leading video-based ad networks both for publishers and advertisers. This would attract more publishers as its 100% brand safety, high-quality content, faster integration, and brings on with the highest CPM rate when compared. The service is promising with fulfilling advertisers and publishers monetizing demand smartly with one of globally strong and quickest developing video commercial centers. This enables publishers to avail of top-notch earning through the nimble-witted monetizing strategies. The following is trustworthy and serves with a reliable network. This accepts real publishers that don’t use unusual substances in the site with getting high quality targeted traffic. 


This is one of the best and advanced CPC affiliate networks for advertisers and publishers. The following brings fantasy for every advertiser adding a tremendous amount of audience. This is a relatively online mobile video ad network providing ingenious and wise advertising strategies. You can even start it with a small revenue of 100$. This also helps with the top ad network for publishers as well. The one enables with the priority of checking and balancing the clicks, impressions and earning through their simple user interface. The following starts with very easy integration. You can look into earning success by accessing the analytics on the dashboard. This is going to provide good customer support and lead the unending rising earning. 


This is one of the self – service mobile advertising platforms. The following runs ads across 50,000 mobile applications and websites. This is believed to provide a lot of flexibility relating to targeting, bidding, and customizing creativities. Here stands no minimum deposit that makes the network ideal for mobile advertisers. This is going to try getting started on quite a small budget. 


This is one of the mobile advertising networks which permit advertisers to reach people over 150,000 applications. The air push particularly prides itself with transparency and all the app users would take chance to opt for their ads. This means that the users viewing these ads would be more receptive than the customers on many competing mobile ad networks. 


This is one of the leading global advertising companies providing the most comprehensive portfolios relating to advertising technology. The following manages with sources across search, native, and display, mobile, local, products, and video. The ad company manages with high-quality ad supply over 500,000 websites. The best part is its platform and products are licensed by some of the largest publishers, ad networks and other ad tech companies worldwide. The one is among the top 5 largest ad tech companies worldwide. The company also is considered to be the largest contextual advertising business worldwide. 

This effectively advertises as per customers need to site content, making them relevant to the user’s interests. This bears high bids for keywords from the countries like US and UK and the traffic from the sources would see the Geo-targeted contextual ads that can pay higher. This has direct demand for a number of education sub-niches like MBA grants, scholarships, MBA admissions, and other programmers. This is also going to bring on great way of revenues. For its best of services in the advertising industry, it is considered as the largest contextual ad network in the world.  Also, it provides with native ads according to the form and feel of the content. Provides with beautiful and diverse ad units and bears with own account manager.


This is an affiliated marketing platform found in 2000. Marketers are also known as affiliates who help the merchants for promoting their products. They bear flexible payout options with digital and standard payout. The ones provides with a back office control panel which serves as a dashboard to monitor performances. It offers tons of different marketing tools like different sizes of banners, promotional widgets, access to product data feeds, and many more.


The following has built a tool for website monetization and yield optimization connecting several ad platforms into a single auction. The top based importance is to monetize cross border traffic and helping publishers gain incremental revenues. 

Ad Pulse Media

This delivers with customer built digital advertising solutions. The following is managed by combining premium ad placements, engaging creativity, precise audience targeting, effective retargeting, campaign management, and comprehensive reporting. This is featuring with page-level targeting, behavioral targeting, retargeting increasing conversion rates, and Geofencing with proper mobile advertizing. 

Hot chalk

This is a leading provider of education technology and services. What it manages is with leveraging data and technology for supporting all phases of the student life cycle enabling industry-leading student retention and graduation rates. The hot chalk is providing free educational content online focusing on all colleges alleviating financial pressures unnecessarily placed on publishers, students, parents, and teachers.

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